In the winter, you might not give the trees on your property that much thought. You might assume they go dormant until the spring, so they don’t need any attention during the cold months. However, this is not the case! As experts on lawn care in Edina, we have a few suggestions on how to help your trees survive the harsh Minnesota winters by doing a few simple lawn care and tree care tasks.

After a snow fall, go out to your yard and gently shake the snow off of your tree branches if the snow that fell is dry and fluffy. You can use a broom for this task, but be gentle. Keep an eye out for snow that is building up on the branches and, if it is safe, run outside during the snow storm to shake the branches if necessary. This bit of lawn care can help preserve your trees and keep them healthy. If your tree branches are covered in ice or heavy and wet snow, you can leave them alone if the limbs are not damaged. If you do notice some damage to the tree limbs, go out and prune them as soon as the weather allows. Taking care of this tree care and lawn care chore can save you some hassle and time this spring.

You can also wrap your trees in plastic wrap or in burlap. This might sound silly, but wrapping your trees can help keep them healthy for next spring. Sometimes, when the sun hits the bark, this can cue the tree to emerge from dormancy. And later in the day, when the sun goes down, parts of the tree can be hurt when the temperatures drop. Wrapping your trees can help protect them and help them regulate their temperature. Wrapping your trees can also protect them from critters that eat tree bark for added nourishment during the winter months. This is an important part of lawn care and tree care, and taking the time to wrap your trees can help them grow again this spring.

Taking the time to give your trees a little extra TLC this winter can make lawn care and tree care much easier on you this spring. Just keep an eye on your trees and other parts of your landscaping to ensure the cold temperatures and freezing precipitation are not damaging your plants and trees beyond repair.

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