Commercial Snow Plowing

How do you find a reliable snow removal service provider?

  • Step 1
    Be Proactive; Start your search for a service provider early.  SIMA recommends starting no later than August or early September each year.
  • Step 2
    Be Selective; Create a plan to qualify service prospects.  Use resources like the web, colleagues, and SIMA’s membership database to research service providers.  Consider creating a Request for Information (RFI) to further pre-qualify.
  • Step 3
    Build your RFP; Take time to identify your needs and create a Request for Proposal (RFP), including a Scope of Work that outlines what the property should look like once service is conducted.
  • Step 4
    Align with best practices; Ensure that a professional company is hired to do the work.  Use the official SIMA Best Practices Checklist, available at, to help assess potential providers and compare apples to apples.
  • Step 5
    Seek Trust; The risk of service failure during a storm is simply too high.  Hire a provider that seeks to share liability, provide on-time service, and proactively address concerns.  Consider hiring contractors who are members of SIMA and are dedicated to their profession.

As a member of the snow & ice management association (SIMA), we are a professional and reliable snow removal company.
It’s just snow removal, right?  The truth is that hiring a service provider to clear or remove ice and snow from your facility is one of the key safety and financial decisions you’ll make in a given year.  Here are some things that can go wrong when you hire a provider without a solid process in place:

  • A patron is severely injured due to ice at your facility
  • A slip and fall claim results in a significant or even catastrophic financial settlement
  • The entire annual budget for exterior maintenance is blown due to a heavy winter
  • Operations at the facility slow or stop completely during heavy snow or ice events

Professional snow managers understand these risks and have built their entire businesses to help you manage these challenges.  If you are ready for more information or a free estimate call us today at (612) 599-8675.