Fall is here, so it is time to prepare your lawn and landscaping for the upcoming winter months. Not only should you contact us for fall blow-outs for your lawn irrigation system, Minneapolis residents should also contact us if they need any further assistance with readying their yards for winter. In the meantime, here are a few things you can do on your own.

Don’t Forget Your Hardscaping

Do you have a patio or deck? Make sure it is winter-ready! Cover your outdoor furniture with a tarp or another waterproof material. And then put your furniture somewhere out of the way, like against your house or, if you have enough space, in your garage. Sweep or power wash your patio too. A little bit of time spent on hardscaping maintenance now could save you some time and hassle next spring.

Don’t Forget to Rake

We covered this topic in a recent blog post. Raking your leaves doesn’t just make your home and landscaping look nicer, but it is also a matter of safety too. Leaves are easy to slip on, especially after it has rained or snowed. And leaves can also hide a crack in the sidewalk or driveway, which makes it easy to trip on and potentially hurt yourself or someone else.

Don’t Forget Your Gardening Tools

Sure, you have had your lawn irrigation system serviced. And now your yard is freshly raked and your patio furniture is safely tucked away. But what about your gardening and lawn care tools? Take the time to wipe them down and store them somewhere safe and out of the elements, like a garden shed or your garage.

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