It’s nearly fall, so it’s time for that dreaded chore: raking leaves. We here at Advanced Irrigation provide lawn care services in Monticello, and we have a few suggestions on how to make this dreaded task just a little more bearable.

1. Rake with the wind. Leaves don’t weigh much, but they do weigh enough to be affected by gravity. If you use that to your advantage, you could save yourself a bit of work.

2. When you mow your lawn, mow over some of the dead leaves that are on the ground. This is a great idea in early fall because your grass can still benefit from this type of lawn care.

3. It’s another good idea to have several small piles of leaves throughout your lawn. That way, you don’t have to rake leaves across your entire lawn into one big pile. This saves you a lot of work in the long run!

4. Wear proper protection on your head and hands. The sun in the fall season could still possibly give you a sunburn. And wearing gloves while performing a variety of lawn care chores can save them from blisters.

5. Get an old sheet or tarp and lay it flat on your lawn. Rake leaves onto the tarp, and then when you’re done, pull the tarp together by its corners and dispose of the leaves that way. Sure, some leaves will escape, but you should be able to gather most of them using this method.

6. And be sure to pace yourself too. Raking leaves can be a more physically taxing chore than some people realize. Take a break when you need to, and be sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

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