When it comes to having a commercial irrigation system installed for your Minneapolis business, we are among the best in this area when it comes to the design, installation and routine care and service of these types of irrigation systems. But if your commercial property isn’t big enough for a commercial irrigation system or if one just is not in your budget yet, routine mowing can make a world of difference in how your grass looks. So here are a few tips on how to mow like a pro.

Mowing Height

The height of your lawn mower’s blades can make a huge difference in what your grass looks like. The proper height mostly depends on the type of grass you are mowing. But this is a critical aspect of lawn care since grass needs to be able to recover from mowing as well as maintain a healthy root system. But the grass still has to be short enough to look nice and not too “stemmy.” Striking the right balance means your grass will look nice and will be at its healthiest.

Mowing Pattern

Another important aspect of lawn care and mowing grass is to vary your mowing pattern. Avoid mowing your business’ lawn in the same direction every time you mow. Grass will lean and grow in the direction that it is mowed, so mowing in a different direction encourages the grass to grow more upright and will help keep ruts from developing in the soil.

Avoid Wet Grass and Dull Blades

Cutting wet grass could cause damage to your mower and result in uneven cuts. Wet grass clippings could clog your mower, even bigger commercial mowers. And make sure the mower’s blades are sharp. Dull blades will not make a clean cut. They will rip your grass, which could cause your grass to stop growing properly or result in your grass becoming diseased or could mean that pests could invade your grass.

Overlap is Important

When mowing, you should overlap each pass by at least three inches. This will result in an evenly mowed lawn with no missed areas or strips.

We hope you learned a few new things about how to mow your business’ grass and keep it looking great throughout the entire growing season!

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