advanced irrigation landscape design edinaWhen you are thinking about your gardening and landscaping plans for the upcoming spring season, you might be wondering how to go about designing the perfect landscape. Should you go with a more formal look or should you go for something a little more casual and easy to maintain? We specialize in landscape design in Edina and the surrounding areas, and we have a few suggestions on what you should consider when coming up with your plans.

While you might think that a formal English garden would be great for your home, you might want to reconsider that. Formal English gardens require around-the-clock care and maintenance, so unless you can devote almost all of your free time to caring for your garden and landscape, you do not want to go the formal route. Instead, start thinking of your landscape design in terms of plants and flowers that will complement each other but don’t match exactly.

When choosing flowers and plants, find ones that have a similar leaf shape or flowers that will complement each other with their colors. Plan to have them planted in groups and not rows. Groups of flowers are easier to maintain, plus they are more interesting to look at rather than rigid straight rows.

You should also consider plants and flowers that are different heights. Plan to plant them together as well, and it will also make your garden and landscaping more interesting to look at.

While Minnesota winters are not known for being mild and sunny, you can still find plants that will bloom even when it’s cold out. Consider adding some of those to your landscape design and try to have a focal point for your garden or landscaping for every season of the year. You might not be able to go outside much during the winter months, but it’s still nice to have something to look at from inside of your house when the weather outside is frightful!

If you need help with your landscape design, you can contact us and we can help you come up with a plan that will look great and provide you with year-round enjoyment. We can even come to your home and install your new flowers, plants, hardscaping and other aspects of your landscaping.

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