Fall blow outs for your lawn irrigation system in Elk River are an important task to make sure your irrigation system is ready for the upcoming cold months. But what, exactly, is a fall blow out?

When your area’s frost level extends below the depth of your lawn irrigation system’s piping, fall blow outs are imperative to make sure your system doesn’t sustain any damage because of freezing temperatures. Winterizing your irrigation system should be done by a professional. There are potential dangers, plus it’s good to have someone do it who knows what he’s doing.

A lawn care professional, like the ones here at Advanced Irrigation, will come to your home and use compressed air to blow out the water from your lawn irrigation system. The air compressor will be attached to the mainline after the backflow device. The water supply to the irrigation system will be shut off and air from the compressor will be gradually introduced into the irrigation system. This will be done to every zone in the system to ensure there is no water left in the pipes. Your lawn care professional will then make sure there is no water in the pipes and then disconnect the air compressor.

After that, he will make sure to leave any valves open that should be left open. Then he will do an overall inspection of your lawn irrigation system to ensure there is no damage that should be addressed before the winter months come around.

So why is a fall blow out so important? If water is left in the pipes, it will freeze and expand and cause damage to the system. Making sure there is no water in your lawn irrigation system can help ensure this will not happen.

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