People seeking out lawn sprinkler systems in Lakeville and surrounding environs have been calling upon Advanced Irrigation for some time now. We install and maintain many types of irrigation systems, for the benefits of your general home landscaping. We will now take the time to share with you some of the most commonly used terms and their meanings when it comes to lawn sprinkler systems—what makes them tick and function as they do. See below:

  • Backflow Preventer:A device that only allows water to penetrate in one direction, preventing it from going in a backwards direction or even opposite direction. These part of the lawn sprinkler system helps keep unclean and unsafe water from going back on itself, reversing its course and coming into the clean water supply area of the sprinkler.
  • Controller/Timer:This is the part of lawn sprinkler systems that determines when watering should start and stop. To be completely obvious, it controls when and as a result, how much to water, through the usage of a timer.
  • Sensor/Rain Sensor:In the event of rain, this sensor automatically shuts off your sprinkler system in the event of rain. This helps to ensure that your lawn is not water too much, rain serving as a “free” sprinkler.
  • Sprinkler Head:Two common types of sprinkler heads exist in the lawn sprinkler system marketplace these days—rotor or spray types. Both come with requisite pros and cons and are utilized specifically depending on the type of lawn sprinkler systems that are required for your home. A rotor type sprinkler head rotates water in swaths back and forth or in circles over your grass or landscaping. A spray type is sometimes referred to as a “fixed spray head”, spraying in a fan-shaped pattern, akin to a shower nozzle.
  • Valve:A valve comes in a variety of types and usages. The primary vale types we run into with lawn sprinkler systems are emergency shut-off valves and irrigation control valves. An emergency shut-off valve is installed very closely to the water source within the lawn sprinkler system, functioning exactly as is implied by the name. This valve works as a mean to cut off the flow of water in an emergency situation or, if we come out to work on lawn sprinkler systems. It allows the lawn sprinkler system’s water supply to be cut off without having to shut off your entire house’s water supply. An irrigation control valve is the valve that turns lawn sprinkler systems’ sprinklers on and off.
  • Water Meter:This is a separate water meter from the one you may have in your home. This measures how much water your lawn sprinkler system used.

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