If you are a business owner or property manager, then you always want to make sure your property’s landscaping and grass are looking their best. After all, you only get a split second to make a good first impression on new and current clients. So making sure your property looks great is imperative. You can always call on us for help with commercial lawn care in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas. But, in the meantime, here are a few of our favorite commercial lawn care tips.

  • Be sure you cut the grass to the correct length. If you mow the grass too short, this can cause the grass to turn brown or it can damage, or even destroy, the root system. The mowing length mostly depends on the type of grass, but the general rule of thumb is to only cut about 1/3 of the blade. Longer grass blades encourage the root system to grow even deeper into the soil, which promotes healthy and green growth.
  • After you are done mowing, leave the grass clippings on the ground. They can help with happier and healthier grass. (However, if the clippings detract from the looking of your property, then you should definitely take the time to rake them up.)
  • Are you thinking it’s time to fertilize your commercial property’s grass? If so, call us first. One of the many commercial lawn care services we offer is fertilization, but we know the best type to use and the best time of year to use it. Sometimes, fertilizing your grass in the summer can backfire. More often than not, you want to fertilize your grass in the fall.
  • Deep watering is best for your grass and other plants. An irrigation system can take care of this task for you, and it takes care of this automatically based on the type of plant, where it is located in relation to the sun and shade and how much rain has fallen as of late. Installing irrigation systems is one of our many commercial lawn care services, so you should call us for more information if you don’t already have one installed.

We hope you learned a few new things about commercial lawn care! But call us to get more details about how we can take care of your lawn care so you don’t have to stress about it anymore.

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