commercial snow removal minnetonka advanced irrigationThis winter, we’ve had our share of snowfalls, and with falling snow comes the dreaded task of shoveling and ice removal. Over our years offering commercial snow removal in Minnetonka and throughout the surrounding areas, we have perfected our snow shoveling and other snow removal techniques. Here are a few suggestions from us on how to safely and effectively remove snow from your house or commercial property.

When it starts to snow and if the forecast is calling for a large amount of snow, you should consider going out and shoveling every couple of hours. It is much easier to shovel an inch or two of snow every hour or two than it is to trying shoveling two feet of snow after the snow storm is over. This might not always be feasible depending on the weather, how windy it is outside and whether or not it’s day or night out, but it is something you should do if you can.

Remember that shoveling snow is exercise so treat it as such. Do some stretches before you begin, make sure you stay hydrated throughout the process, take as many breaks as you need to take and do not overdo it. The last thing you want to do is fall while you are shoveling, so be careful.

Also, keep in mind that you should wear suitable clothing for snow removal. Wear waterproof boots and dress in layers. That way, as you warm up, you can remove your outer layers to make sure your body temperature stays comfortable and so you do not accidentally end up overheating.

During the actual shoveling process, instead of lifting the snow and throwing it over your shoulder, use the shovel to push the snow out of the way. This will save you a lot of time and hassle, not to mention sore muscles after you’re done shoveling!

Finally, keep an eye on the weather and your surroundings. Take note of how dark it is getting outside or if the snow is starting to fall really hard. Keep an eye on the wind as well, and make sure you are in tune with your body. Do not push yourself too hard.

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