No one wants an ugly, dry, brown yard. If you run a business, that large expanse cannot be all dried out and lifeless either. Lush green is the preference. If you are wondering about irrigation systems in the Bloomington area, consider Advanced Irrigation. A company that believes firmly in the conservation of water and safe environmental practices in general, their irrigation systems are water efficient by design.

Through the calculation and practice of evapotranspiration (ET), 20%-50% savings of water (over a standard irrigation system set-up) can be achieved while keeping your lawn as healthy and alive as ever it was before. The way evapotranspiration works is by taking the sum of evaporation from the soil and plant transpiration (process whereby grass and plants absorb water through the roots, give off water vapor through pores).

The evapotranspirator (the grass) is monitored by a smart controller that is digitally in touch with a weather station (24/7) measuring current and pending conditions to calculate local evapotranspiration factors. The smart controller then operates based on those conditions rather than on a schedule—no need to water the lawn if it is going to rain in three hours.

These irrigation systems will water your lawn or business property only to replenish only the moisture that is needed based on those calculated plant and soil conditions. The smart controller is programmed
with the precipitation rate, plant type, soil type, slope and sun/shade exposure and combines with the weather station data of wind, temperature, humidity and solar radiation. The factors in a blend create the irrigation system unleashing its water on your property. Live local data is combined with landscape information to calculate the ET. Your lawn or property ends up with healthier roots and longer lifespans.

The savings of water (and as a bonus, money) hover anywhere in the 20%-50% range based on what would be used in a normal “scheduled” irrigation set-up. One study estimated 66% savings in water use.

If you would like more information on our irrigation systems in Bloomington, call Advanced Irrigation at 612-599-8675, or you can contact us and get a Free Estimate.