landscaping companies maple grove advanced irrigationEven though winter is nearly upon us, it is never too early to start planning your landscape and garden for next spring. Advanced Irrigation is one of the best landscaping companies near Maple Grove, and we have several ideas for you and things you should keep in mind when making your plans. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Take a look at your garden as a whole. Do you want to use any flowers or plants in particular as a focal point? Or maybe you should call landscaping companies like ours to get a new patio or walkway installed. Either way, start considering what part of your garden or landscaping will become the central focal point. From there, you can start planning the rest of the space.
  • While formal English gardens are lovely to look at and visit, they are not practical for most homes. They take a lot of work to maintain and even when you plant exactly the same plants and flowers, they often grow at different rates. Unless you can care for your garden full-time, plan to plant flowers in groups instead of rows. That makes them easier to care for and maintain.
  • Planting flowers in groups instead of rows also makes them more interesting to look at. You can combine different flowers to create a beautiful and unique look. Think about when you plan an outfit to wear to a wedding. You don’t want every piece to match exactly because that doesn’t look quite right. So you want to go with colors that complement each other. The same goes for flowers and plants. Find plants that have a similar leaf shape, or maybe find plants that grow to be about the same size. Then put them all together in a group when you plant them.
  • Plants and flowers can be used to soften the harsh edges of your house. Consider planting evergreens near the corners of your home or along its foundation.
  • When talking to landscaping companies like ours about your new garden and landscape, we can give you advice on plants and flowers that will bloom year-round. Consider having those added so there is always something blooming in your garden, even when it’s cold and dreary out. That way, even if you can only look at your garden from the inside of your home because it’s too cold to go outside, there is still something pretty to look at.

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