The Advanced Irrigation team knows that proper lawn care begins with having the right tools. Here’s an overview of some of the equipment we use to maintain lawns and yards in Maple Grove:

Lawn mowers

Nothing says spring or summer quite like the sound of a lawn mower and the smell of freshly-clipped grass. Mowers come in two types: rotary and reel. Rotary mowers are the most common. They cut with blades spinning horizontally, chopping off the top of grass to maintain clean length. Reel mowers are manually powered. It’s important to keep the blades on either type of mower sharp, or else you risk tearing the grass instead of clipping it.

Weed whackers

Edge trimmers, known universally as weed whackers, are used for trimming grass around buildings, beds, fences, trees and other areas that can’t be reached with a lawn mower. Another kind of trimmer is the lawn edger, which can be run along areas where lawns meet walkways and beds. However, lawn edgers are not essentially, but definitely a great tool to have for keeping lawns looking amazing.


These tools are used commonly to blow leaves and other debris off sidewalks and other areas of high traffic. They can be used for blowing leaves and debris into piles. Some blowers also act as a vacuum, and mulch and bag leaves. While not an essential tool, blowers are definitely a helpful one to have.


Raking is great for removing leaves, thatch and debris from your lawn. Due to the physicality involved, it’s not a particular favorite of many homeowners in Maple Grove. However, it does provide one with a great exercise, while being environmentally friendly.


Sprayers come commonly in two varieties: two-gallon hand sprayers or five-gallon backpack sprayers. They are most commonly used for spot praying weeds or applying other pesticides to lawns and yards.

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