Though Jack Frost still lingers, spring is just around the corner. And, one of the most exciting times of the year; spring mulching! The smell of new mulch symbolizes the beginning of the growing season and the look of mulch breathes new life into the landscaping. Our professional landscaping company for Elk River not only has an endless bounty of mulch in stock but we will gladly bring it along with us to help spring-ify your lawn. But, when is the best time to mulch? We’ve put together some guidelines for mulching as well as some of the benefits mulching your landscaping can offer.

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The first thing to keep in mind is that mulch is best applied from mid- to late spring to autumn, when the soil is moist and warm. It is best to avoid applying mulch in winter and early spring as the soil is too cold, and in summer, when it will be dry.

Mulch gives your garden a neat, tidy appearance and can reduce the amount of time spent on tasks like watering and weeding. Mulch can help soil retain moisture in summer, prevent weeds from growing and protect the roots of plants in winter.

Not having a hearty base of mulch surrounding your burgeoning plant-life can drastically limit the life and overall blossom of your landscaping efforts. So, don’t hesitate to call your trusted landscaping company to get started on mulching as soon as the ground is warm!

Whether you like it or not, always consider the option of a professional landscaping company, we can do it all at Advanced Irrigation. Mulch is made up of a combination of organic materials that run the gamut from bark or wood chips, leaves, grass, moss, straw and more.

In addition to its aesthetic value, mulch helps in the prevention of erosion that would otherwise occur on soil left uncovered. Primarily, rain and wind are the culprits behind erosion, causing a runoff effect. Erosion can ultimately expose the roots of your plant-life, where they then are left to face the elements. In addition to the prevention of nutrient depletion, mulch also adds nutrients to your soil as it breaks down over time.

And, these are just some of the reasons to contact your landscaping company about mulching sooner than later! Though it may not be spring quite yet, mulching season is just around the corner!
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