Our professional landscaping company not only has an endless bounty of mulch in stock but we will gladly bring it along with us to efficiently carry out our overall lawn and yard prettying efforts. The benefits of mulching your outdoor décor are many, in addition to providing a pleasant carpeting sort of base for your shrubbery and trees to extend from.

Some home owners conduct their own lawn maintenance and care with love and enthusiasm. Others, well, they see these as annoying tasks and chores, spending time out in the heat maintaining something that will only have to be addressed again next week, the week after that and then some.  Not having a hearty base of mulch surrounding your burgeoning plant-life can drastically limit the life and overall blossom of your landscaping efforts. Whether you like it or not, always consider the option of a professional landscaping company for your St Paul home, we can do it all at Advanced Irrigation.

Mulch is made up of a combination of organic materials that run the gamut from bark or wood chips, leaves, grass, moss, straw and more. Even compost and manure can be made into the overall blend! These shards of previously living material are spread about, distributed evenly around the base(s) of flowerbeds, plants, shrubbery, trees and/or the open, otherwise unoccupied space of dirt in which this life occupies.

In addition to its aesthetic value, mulch helps in the prevention of erosion that would otherwise occur on soil left uncovered. Primarily, rain and wind are the culprits behind erosion, rain creating a runoff effect, wind “blowing” dirt and soil away. Erosion can ultimately expose the roots of your plant-life, where they then are left to face the elements. Erosion also—in removing the soil itself—depletes the soil of nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus) which your flowers, shrubbery, trees require to blossom into their true and full potential. In addition to the prevention of nutrient depletion, mulch adds nutrients to your soil as it breaks down over time.

Mulching your landscape also is an effective means of delaying the processes of evaporation. The mulch acts as a blanket, preventing the sun from reaching otherwise exposed soil. Without a layer covering the soil, the dirt and such will bake in the sun, drastically increasing the evaporatory process. The exposed roots of your plant-life will fight to live as their ability to retain the moisture they acquire will be greatly stressed.

Weed growth is also deterred a bit by mulch. The blanketing effect that mulch provides prevents weeds from germinating and thus spreading. While there are some amongst you who do enjoy pulling weeds, the bulk of our population does not and thus should use the anti-weeding benefits that mulch allows for in addition to those mentioned above. Should you wish to avoid the chore of mulching your landscaping, do not hesitate to call in a professional landscaping company such as Advanced Irrigation.

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