Sure, it’s still winter in Maple Grove MN, but it’s never too early to start thinking about spring lawn care. Maple Grove MN is just one of the many areas Advanced Irrigation serves, so we have a few tips for you to make sure your lawn is ready for the warmer weather!

As soon as snow season in Maple Grove MN is over, during that in-between winter-and spring-phase, start raking your lawn. But don’t just do a quick job of it. Make sure you get any leaves that are still on your lawn and also give it a deep raking where you are picking up the thatch. You don’t want thatch to build up to any more than a half-inch on your lawn. Taking the time to do this necessary lawn care chore can help the grass at your Maple Grove MN home grow faster and thicker.

Take a good long look at your Maple Grove MN lawn after you’re done raking and look at whether or not the soil has been compacted. This occurs when there is a lot of foot traffic on your lawn, and this is another great lawn care chore to take care of before spring. Lawn aeration can be done, but most experts agree this is a fall lawn care chore. However, if you spot it now, you can make plans to get lawn aerating done a few months down the road.

Now it’s time to take a look at your lawn mower – your best friend for all of your lawn care chores! Make sure it’s in tip-top shape and ready for the warm months. Get the blades sharpened, change the oil and spark plugs and clean or change any air filters. If you take care of this now before the warm weather hits, you can probably get some good deals and prices on any items you need to buy.

And for all of your lawn care needs in and around Maple Grove MN, call Advanced Irrigation at (612) 599-8675 or contact us online. Or we can give you a free estimate online.