It’s the middle of August. It’s a significant way through the growing season, so you should have a pretty good idea about how your irrigation system is functioning. We recommend performing a visual check of your lawn for any signs of your irrigation system malfunctioning. One easy way to tell is if your lawn is evenly green or not.

In this blog, our team of Eden Prairie irrigation system experts is going to explore this and some of the signs your system isn’t functioning properly.  If you notice any of the following problems, contact Advanced Irrigation at your earliest convenience to have the issue remedied.

Brown Patches

If you see brown patches around your yard, they could signify a couple of different things.

1. There is a leak in your irrigation system and water is not getting to the area.

2. The sprinkler heads are not properly spaced, causing the spot to be missed.

3. Your lawn is infected with a disease.

Our team of Eden Prairie irrigation system experts can take a look at your system and analyze the problem. We can make adjustments to your system to fix any issues. We can replace parts and reposition the sprinkler heads.

Soggy Patches

When you walk around your yard, you may notice some soggy ground. It could mean a number of things.

1. There is a leak in your system, causing water to pool at a specific spot.

2. The sprinkler heads are not placed properly and the water flow is overlapping.

3. Your timer is running too frequently, thus overwatering your lawn.

When we notice ground oversaturation, we can easily make the necessary adjustments. Overwatering your lawn can be just as harmful as under watering, so give us a call when you notice this type of situation.

If you need any irrigation system services, call us at 612-599-8675 or Contact Us Online.