If you are a business owner, then you already have a full plate of commitments. You might be thinking about hiring a commercial snow removal company so you have one less chore to worry about when bad weather strikes. We are a commercial snow removal company serving Minneapolis, and we have a few suggestions on what to look for when you start your search.

Word-of-Mouth Recommendations

The best way to find out a reputable commercial snow removal company is through word of mouth. You could ask other business owners in your area which commercial snow removal company they use and if they are happy with the service. Or you can go online and read reviews that other people have left about the commercial snow removal company. The Internet is an excellent resource for this sort of thing. And don’t just read one review. Try to read a handful so you get more of an idea of how good the commercial snow removal company is and whether or not they deliver on what they promise.

Commercial Snow Removal Services Offered

Ask the commercial snow removal companies what specific snow removal services they offer. Is it just one guy with a shovel and some rock salt? Or do they send a team of workers with a plow, shovels and a few different kinds of de-icer? And how soon after a snowfall do they come to your business to clear the snow and ice? Also, ask about fees charged. Is it a flat fee or do they charge per hour?

Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA)

Advanced Irrigation is a member of the Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA), which is a non-profit trade organization for snow and ice industry professionals. It promotes professionalism among its members, it gives its members networking and educational opportunities and it provides leadership for those in the snow and ice removal industry. While it’s not a requirement that commercial snow removal companies be a part of this organization, it is always a good sign that the company is interested in the educational and professional opportunities that SIMA provides.

Of course, if you call Advanced Irrigation for commercial snow removal, you won’t have to worry about any of this. We have a great reputation in this area for our commercial snow removal services!

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