It seems as though summer temperatures are trying to give us one last hurrah! Hot days have definitely become the norm around here. It’s hard to believe, but it will soon be that time of year when you need to start preparing your lawn for the winter. Fall is the perfect season to clean up your yard, turn off your irrigation system and batten down the hatches. If you live anywhere around the Twin Cities, like Edina, irrigation systems need to be shut down by a professional. In this blog, we’re going to cover that and some other end of summer lawn care tips.

Minimum Requirements

During the hot, dry conditions prevalent in summer, your lawn may need up to two inches of water per week. But, during the cooler fall temperatures, your lawn probably only needs watered one inch per week, on average. This means you need to adjust your irrigation system once fall temperatures set in. Overwatering your grass can be just as harmful as under watering your grass. If you’re unsure about where to set your system, give us a call.

Summer Brown Spots

Just because your lawn has brown spots doesn’t mean it’s dead. It is possible that your grass is dormant due to dry conditions. When a lawn is subjected to harsh conditions for over 45 days, focus its efforts on keeping the roots hydrated. This will cause your grass to appear brown. It is a perfectly normal condition and once more moderate temperatures set in, your grass will continue to thrive.

Fall Blowout

By the end of the fall, it will be time to conduct a fall blow out. This is where our team will visit your irrigation system and shut it off properly for the winter. It’s recommended you have this process taken care of by a trained professional. If an irrigation system is shut down improperly, it may result in damage over the winter. It’s never too early to get your fall blowout scheduled, as spots fill up quickly.

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