Edina homeowners with a lawn sprinkler system installed in their lawn or yard are well aware of how great these devices work, and how much of a convenience they provide. These devices provide you with a fantastic, green lawn that doesn’t require you to drag your hose all over the yard.

Still, the convenience doesn’t equate to the system working at its full potential. So, before you call Advanced Irrigation, your local Edina sprinkler systems repair company, to take a look at the problem, here are several steps to take in order to evaluate its efficiency:

Sprinkler heads

Check them out often to ensure they are in great condition. You’ll want to see if any heads are damaged or missing, as these can cause leaking lines. Problems should be detected and addressed as soon as possible to avoid expensive repairs.

You’ll also want to note the location of the heads. Water runoff will occur on slopes or berms, but this can be prevented by setting up the run time to control how much water is released in this area.

Dry spots

A sprinkler system doesn’t automatically mean sufficient hydration for every area of the yard. If you find dry spots around your lawn, then set up the heads differently or adjust range or direction. If this change does not result in better hydration, it might be the cause of low water pressure, plugged nozzle or where the yard is located.

Overly wet areas

Areas with too much water can be caused by normal drainage, but can also be the result of a leak. It’s important to take a few minutes to determine what is causing the overflow of water. For a leaky valve, the piece or entire unit may need to be replaced.

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