Lawn sprinkler systems can be pretty confusing. They are usually made up of several different components, and all of these pieces have to work in harmony in order for the system to be the most effective and efficient. We are a Minneapolis lawn sprinkler systems company, and we are well-versed in irrigation systems and more. Here are a few common errors people make when they have lawn sprinkler systems that weren’t set up by professionals like us.

First of all, your shrubs and any planter beds you have should be watered and irrigated separately from the grassy areas of your lawn. This is because shrubs and planter beds will generally have larger and more spread out root systems than your grass. So you want to be sure that your shrubs, plants and grass are all being watered equally. Putting them on separate systems will ensure all parts of your landscaping are getting plenty of water.

You should also be sure that your lawn sprinkler systems are using the proper spray nozzle patterns for the area of your yard you are watering. When you hire professionals like us, we will know exactly what kind of spray nozzles to use for your yard. Plus, we will be sure to set the pattern properly to ensure adequate watering for your yard.

Lawn sprinkler systems should also be equipped with a rain shut-off valve. This is an inexpensive device that will keep lawn sprinkler systems from turning on when it’s raining or storming out. You can save anywhere from 3 to 15 percent on your annual lawn sprinkler system operating cost. (And in some parts of the country, these devices have to be installed on any new lawn sprinkler systems by law. Otherwise, you could face a pretty big monetary penalty!)

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