With fall here and winter coming, it is unlikely that your landscaping is anywhere near the forefront of your mind. Isn’t landscaping something for the spring and summer? Should I really be worrying about which landscaping company to hire for my Minneapolis or greater Twin Cities area home at his point of the year? No and yes, respectively! Fall and winter are wonderful times to pursue some landscaping at your home, ensuring that your property remains aesthetically pleasing to all who gaze upon it during the cold months. We at Advanced Irrigation, a landscaping company that knows, have a few tips to offer you for your Minneapolis home:

Maybe you want to add trees that will look great regardless of the season? Opting for birch trees may be just what you need. During the winter that we face in the Twin Cities, these deciduous trees will indeed lose their leaves. The trunks and bark on the other hand will maintain a year-round color and texture in bark and on trunk, livening up your landscaping. Other options include crabapples and/or holly. Both boasting berries, these plants are colorful options that also feed the local fowl.

Evergreens are a prime choice for adding winter color. Do not let the name fool you as it does so many, green is just one of the colors these plants offer. You will find blues and yellows and a whole lot on the color palette in between. Going with evergreens can add a whole lot of color to your property during the oft-dreary, gray winter months of bitter cold.

Maybe your home brings with it hanging baskets or window boxes? Choose to plant things like broadleaf evergreens, holly and rhododendron. You could also fill these units with evergreen boughs which boast a wide palette of textures and colors. There represent a great way to enhance the look of your Minneapolis home. Maybe perennials are your thing? When the hour arrives to pick out perennials for your landscaping, choose the four season varieties such as hellebores and dianthus.

An additional means of enhancing your property is to call in a landscaping company to provide hardscaping to the existing landscape you have in place. Anything you can think of along these lines—garden sculptures, benches or a trellis—these will also enhance your winter landscaping.

If you have any questions about our landscaping company serving Minneapolis and the Twin Cities area, please call us at 612-599-8675 or reach out to us with a Service Request.