It is truly and officially spring! It’s time to be making your spring checklist. While you probably already have a million things on your spring cleaning list, have you started thinking about all the things that need done outdoors? There’s a lot that goes into lawn care, but Minnetonka residents can call Advanced Irrigation to help out with all their needs. We’ll help you out by getting you started with 3 spring lawn care tips.

Clean Your Lawn

The first thing you need to do is clean your yard. This is something you can pretty much do at any time, now. Hopefully we’re done with the snow, so you can get out there again. You’ll want to rake up any debris leftover from the fall and winter. Also, take the time to prune plants and do any weeding that needs done. By taking the time to clean up a little, you’ll start off with a good foundation for the spring and summer.

Planting Grass

Do you need to plant grass? You may find some brown or bald spots when you clean up your yard. Spring is a great time of year to get some grass seed down. You may want to look into having Advanced Irrigation conduct a soil test to see if there’s anything preventing the grass from growing in a particular place. After that, choose a seed that works well for our climate and get planting! Make sure you water it often.

Fertilize the Lawn

Whether you’ve just planted new grass or not, fertilizing gives your lawn extra food and nutrients to help it grow healthy all spring long. We’ll help you with lawn care by recommending a fertilization program that best suits your property. If you start in the spring, there are fertilization programs that run all the way through the fall in 4 or 5 installments. Get ahead and have a green, lush lawn throughout the entire growing season.

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