Winter Lawn Care

It’s cold out, so you don’t have to give your lawn any love and attention, right?


You need to give your yard some care during the winter, even though it might not seem like it. After all, your lawn is in a dormant state, and will need all the assistance it can get while it’s taking a rest. Winter is unpredictable, and can put a lawn through extreme conditions. Therefore, it’s important you watch over your lawn during this vulnerable time.

Successful winter lawn care depends on…

  • Prepping in the fall. Read our Fall Lawn Care page for more information.
  • Cleaning. Don’t let your grass become smothered by leaves, toys, debris and other items, as this can put your grass at risk for diseases, and invite insects and other annoying – and damaging – pests to your lawn.
  • Attention. If grass is under a blanket of snow, it will tolerate a certain amount of traffic, but creating a heavily worn path is no good for your lawn, and may cause it to not green up like the rest of your yard when spring comes around. You’ll want to be mindful of creating worn paths on your yard, and you’ll also want to…
  • Monitor. Especially the weather conditions. While your yard can most likely tolerate an extreme winter, certain conditions might harm it in the long run. Therefore, it’s imperative you closely monitor your yard during this time, so as to not leave it at risk.
  • Fertilizing. The best times to fertilize are in late fall and early winter. Before the first freeze takes place, you’ll want to make sure your lawn gets thoroughly fertilized so all the nutrients lost over the summer are replaced.

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