Lawn Sprinkler Systems St Paul

Is your lawn looking like it has seen better days? Are your plants, grass and trees not growing properly (or not at all)? Then it’s time you looked into lawn sprinkler systems in St Paul. Advanced Irrigation can come to your home and install a new lawn sprinkler system or we can rebuild your current one. No matter what kind of irrigation service you need, we’ve got you covered. Soon enough, your lawn will look lush and your landscaping will be the envy of your friends and neighbors!

And we don’t just install or rebuild lawn sprinkler systems! We can also install drip systems, we can come to your home for spring start up services or fall blow out services, plus we can perform scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and repairs to lawn sprinkler systems.

We also know plenty about water management and conservation. So you can rest easy knowing the lawn sprinkler systems we install and maintain are using water in an efficient manner. That will keep Mother Nature and your wallet happy!

More about Our Lawn Sprinkler Systems

Since 2001, Advanced Irrigation has been installing and maintaining lawn sprinkler systems in the St Paul area.

We begin the process by meeting with you, going over your needs and taking a look at your lawn to see what it needs too. From there, we can design a new system or redesign your current one so it not only waters your lawn, but it waters it at the right times and in the right amount.

We will make sure all parts of your lawn sprinkler system are working at their best to ensure you get the beautiful green lawn you want. We can even install rain sensors that will ensure your lawn is not over-watered in the event of rain or other precipitation.

Learn More about Lawn Sprinkler Systems

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