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Lawn Irrigation Maple GroveThat lush green lawn you covet or just crave, is months away. Come spring, maybe that will be the time you decide to pull the trigger on adding a lawn irrigation system, to your property. Or, if you already in possession of an existing lawn irrigation system, perhaps you it is time to get winterized to allow that system to function properly after the thaw? As things dry out with the eventual warmer weather, do you really want to be looking at brown, dry and drab patches of lawn? Whether you have invested in a lawn irrigation system already and it is not properly maintained in preparation for winter or need to add one, Advanced Irrigation is the team of irrigators meant for you and your property. We can also administer redesigns for the purposes of efficiency, or just having your system serviced to make sure all will work right and proper.

Advanced Irrigation offers high-quality products and services at affordable rates. We are specialists in lawn irrigation in Maple Grove and points nearby. We will make that brown and lifeless property lush, green and fresh with the implementation of proper lawn irrigation.

Lawn Irrigation System Winterization

Before the freeze of winter sets in, you will want to have your system prepared for the elements that season brings. Water quite likely can still be found at different points throughout your existing lawn irrigation system. The network of piping that allows the system to function properly houses spare water that did not make its way to your lawn upon its last usage. That water—if not removed—will participate in the freezing and expansion processes that come with its metamorphosing into ice. Expansion on these levels will overwhelm your lawn irrigation system. It is far too much to ask of your lawn irrigation systems fittings, pipes, valves and other parts that could well be damaged beyond repair, calling for replacement. With this type of potential damage to your watering network, you will be left footing the bill for a replacement, come the warmer months of the year.

Winterization consists of the same basic steps in moving from system to system, all being built up of the same relative component parts. It opens with draining of your system, using the automatic or manual drain valves to get most of the water out of the piping. We then move on to moving compressed air through to dry out the network of piping. When compressed air is utilized, we calculate just the exact amount of pressure so as to not damage the sprinkler system or any of their more delicate parts.

Once dry, the main valve is closed (if still open), keeping any water from flowing into the system and therefore freezing as temperatures dip below freezing.

Fragile as they are to the winter, your irrigation system should have freeze and rain sensor installed within it, if operating without one. Outdoor temperatures and precipitation will be gauged. If you have not had our lawn care services team out to handle your winterization, freezing or breakdown may prevent the irrigation systems from turning on.

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