Minneapolis Lawn Care

At Advanced Irrigation, we understand how important it is that your lawn remains in optimum condition. And our lawn care services do just that.

We are proud to offer the following lawn care services to Minneapolis homeowners:

Turf Disease Diagnostic & Treatment Solutions

Have a sick lawn, and you don’t know what the problem is? We’ll figure out what’s ailing your lawn, and come up with a treatment solution to get your lawn back to its absolute best.

Core Aeration

Core aeration involves removing small cores of soil to allow air, moisture and fertilizer down to the root zone, and helps prevent rainwater run-off by allowing moisture to reach your grass’ root zone.

Granular & Liquid Application

Granular and liquid weed killers control the spread of dandelions and other weeds in the fall. Liquid applications help better control broadleaf weeds, while granular applications do a great job controlling other types of weeds.

Crabgrass & Broadleaf Weed Control

Are you tired of crabgrass and aggressive weeds taking over your lawn? Broadleaf, crabgrass and other aggressive weeds disturb your grass, forcing it to compete for water and other necessary nutrients. We’ll make sure these aggressive weeds controlled and don’t bother your grass from being its healthiest.

Fertilizer Programs

Fertilizing your lawn helps it to maintain its health, by helping it keep up its growth and color. Advanced Irrigation’s fertilizer programs provide your lawn with the needed fertilization necessary, depending on what best suits your lawn’s needs. Fertilizer is applied in balanced programs.

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