Irrigation Systems Minnetonka

Are you ready for your lawn and landscaping to be the envy of your neighbors? We install irrigation systems in Minnetonka, and we can think of many different benefits of having a system installed.

  • Irrigation systems help prevent weeds and diseases. Because these systems spray water directly onto root systems, instead of across your entire garden or yard, the surrounding weeds cannot germinate. This means less weeding for you and more free time to do the things you want to do!
  • Irrigation systems help conserve water. They can be preset to water at certain times of the day and the water will turn off automatically as soon as your yard has been properly watered. Plus, most irrigation systems also come with rain sensors, which will automatically adjust how often your irrigation system waters your yard depending on how much rain your area gets.
  • Irrigation systems free up your time. You will spend far less time watering and doing other gardening chores because your irrigation system will take care of that for you. Plus, as your irrigation system is watering one part of your lawn or garden, you can be doing work in another part.
  • Irrigation systems preserve nutrients and soil structure. If you water your yard with a hose, that can lead to over-watering, which means vital nutrients can run out with the water run-off. Plus, the soil can become compacted when it’s watered with a hose, and that can lead to root disease or to your plants withering. An irrigation system uses small droplets of water and that helps to preserve nutrients and the soil structure.

Irrigation Systems and Solutions

For almost two decades, we have been helping Minnetonka residents with all of their irrigation system needs. From designing irrigation systems, installing them, repairing them and maintaining them and everything in between, we have helped many of your friends and neighbors with their lawn care needs.

When you first call us to learn more about our irrigation systems, we can meet with you to look over your lawn and landscaping to figure out what kind of system will best suit your needs. From there, the design and installation process will begin. And we can maintain the system for you – from scheduled and unscheduled repairs to fall blow outs and spring start ups. You won’t have to worry about a thing when you hire Advanced Irrigation!

Minnetonka Irrigation Systems

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