Fall Blow Outs

When growing season ends and the cold months are nearly upon us, it’s time to schedule fall blow outs. We can come to your home or business and:

Winterize your irrigation system by shutting off the water at the main valve
Shut down your irrigation system’s controller for the season
Remove the back flow preventer and drain all of the water from it
Remove the water from all of the pipes and sprinklers so it won’t freeze and damage your irrigation system when the temperatures drop

Our fully trained and knowledgeable technician will have all of the proper equipment and tools to safely perform fall blow-outs to any and all irrigation systems at your home or business.

Why Worry about Fall Blow Outs?

There is one big reason you should get on our schedule for fall blow outs as soon as possible. Properly done fall blow outs can help ensure your sprinkler system does not get damaged by frozen water during the cold winter months. If the water is not correctly drained from your irrigation system and freezes, it could cause pipes and other parts to burst and/or get damaged. This means that when you want to start watering your lawn next spring, your irrigation system will not work properly. Save yourself a world of hassle and possibly a lot of money by having one of our friendly technicians come to your home or business to perform a fall blow out.

Fall blow outs should only be performed by trained professionals. Fall blow outs can result in excessive pressure that could cause damage to your irrigation system, plus flying debris could cause injury to you or someone else who is standing nearby. Calling on professionals like us helps keep you and everyone else safe from harm, plus it keeps your system from being damaged unnecessarily.

Ready to Get Started?

For more information on fall blow outs for your irrigation system, call Advanced Irrigation at 612-599-8675 or get a Free Estimate.