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The Importance of Winter Lawn Care & Snow Removal

From small towns and big cities, to somewhere in between like Maple Grove, snow plowing and winter lawn care is important to prepare for. You’re most likely ready to shovel a few of your business’ surrounding sidewalks if need be, but what about the big picture? Here are some key tips from the experts at Advanced Irrigation on keeping your property happy, healthy and safe throughout the winter.

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1. Snow Plowing & Winter Safety
After a snow storm, sidewalks, roads and walkways can become slippery and dangerous. Ensure your entire perimeter is safe to walk on with snow plowing services from the experts at Advanced Irrigation. When it comes to something as important as safety, it is important that you hire the right company well before winter even hits to ensure you have the right action plan in place. By hiring well in advance, you will be able to align with snow plowing best practices, create a request for proposal, and receive an outline of what the property should look like once the snow plowing service has been conducted.

Without proper planning and professional snow plowing, there are several things that can go wrong during heavy snow or ice events:

  • Operations at your facility can slow or stop
  • A patron could be severely injured resulting in a possible financial settlement
  • The entire annual budget could be blown on one single winter

2. Importance of Winterizing
Do you have an irrigation system? Then you definitely need to consider and plan for winterizing your system. A proper winterization is crucial to the overall performance of your irrigation. If water is left in the system over the winter, the pipes may freeze or even burst! This can result in a not only a costly repair, but come spring you won’t have your wonderful working irrigation system. So, be sure to properly shut it down before winter. This is a task we can handle for you.

3. Tree Care
During the winter you may not give the trees on your property much thought, however tree maintenance is very important to the well being of your landscape. After a snow fall, be sure to shake the snow off your trees’ branches if the snow is dry and fluffy. When heavy snow builds up on branches, it can weigh them down, causing them to break. If you notice damage to the tree limbs, make sure they are pruned as soon as the weather allows. Taking time to have your trees looked at and cared for will help them live longer and look better come spring.

Are you interested in more information on snow plowing in Maple Grove and other winter lawn care services in the area? Call Advanced Irrigation at 612-599-8675 or you can contact us to get a Free Estimate.

Landscape Design Care Tips for the Winter

Let’s face it. Winter is all but here. There are some things you can do to enhance the winterscape outside your windows while you stay inside. As a means of landscape design for your Bloomington area home, we are going to take some time to focus on your hardscaping–the paving, the patio, the hard surfaces (not natural) that you have had installed. Our technicians in landscape design also install other sorts of hardscaping items like retaining walls, outdoor fire pits, pergolas and lighting. The key to their aesthetic appeal in wintertime is maintenance. Keep them clear of snow and ice so that they can be a focal point throughout the dead months. 

When the plants go through their dormant stages in winter, it is awful nice to have a landscape design that has implemented some hardscaping. Your eyes and those of others will be drawn less to the sleeping trees and shrubbery that you possess and more to the pop that a master in landscape design has added to your property. There are so many things that you can do to enjoy lawn and garden, even while they sleep or are covered by snow and ice.

You will want to actively take care of your hardscaping during the winter months. Should you slack off here, you may just encounter a repair project or two in the spring, after the thaw. Be mindful of salt usage. If you apply it but let it sit, without removing it or the slush generated, it will eat away at or even stain any concrete, paver or stone that has been incorporated into your landscape design. Stay on top of it! In the grand scheme it does not take more than accumulated minutes for de-icer to do its work. Be there to get rid of it when needed. 

If you have had a nice and fancy patio installed, chances are that you have some metal containing furniture placed upon it. Do not let these items sit outside and bear the brunt of all that winter has to offer. Take them inside, use them again as you knew them in the spring. A side effect of leaving these metallic items outside is that if they are under snow or ice the rust that emerges will also stain the hardscaping below it.

The real key to landscape design with regard to hardscaping lies in how well it was installed. A winter surviving landscape design of this sort will need a good solid base and options for drainage. Snow and ice accumulate, mass, ultimately melting. The melt should not pool or sit on the surface of your hardscaping only to refreeze. A landscape design installed via hardscaping professionals should be set up adequately to allow this to occur. 

If you would like more information on our landscape design skills in Bloomington, call Advanced Irrigation at 612-599-8675, or you can contact us and get a Free Estimate.

Call in a Landscaping Company to Aid in Winterization

With fall here and winter coming, it is unlikely that your landscaping is anywhere near the forefront of your mind. Isn’t landscaping something for the spring and summer? Should I really be worrying about which landscaping company to hire for my Minneapolis or greater Twin Cities area home at his point of the year? No and yes, respectively! Fall and winter are wonderful times to pursue some landscaping at your home, ensuring that your property remains aesthetically pleasing to all who gaze upon it during the cold months. We at Advanced Irrigation, a landscaping company that knows, have a few tips to offer you for your Minneapolis home:

Maybe you want to add trees that will look great regardless of the season? Opting for birch trees may be just what you need. During the winter that we face in the Twin Cities, these deciduous trees will indeed lose their leaves. The trunks and bark on the other hand will maintain a year-round color and texture in bark and on trunk, livening up your landscaping. Other options include crabapples and/or holly. Both boasting berries, these plants are colorful options that also feed the local fowl.

Evergreens are a prime choice for adding winter color. Do not let the name fool you as it does so many, green is just one of the colors these plants offer. You will find blues and yellows and a whole lot on the color palette in between. Going with evergreens can add a whole lot of color to your property during the oft-dreary, gray winter months of bitter cold.

Maybe your home brings with it hanging baskets or window boxes? Choose to plant things like broadleaf evergreens, holly and rhododendron. You could also fill these units with evergreen boughs which boast a wide palette of textures and colors. There represent a great way to enhance the look of your Minneapolis home. Maybe perennials are your thing? When the hour arrives to pick out perennials for your landscaping, choose the four season varieties such as hellebores and dianthus.

An additional means of enhancing your property is to call in a landscaping company to provide hardscaping to the existing landscape you have in place. Anything you can think of along these lines—garden sculptures, benches or a trellis—these will also enhance your winter landscaping.

If you have any questions about our landscaping company serving Minneapolis and the Twin Cities area, please call us at 612-599-8675 or reach out to us with a Service Request.

Utilize a Lawn Care Services Contractor to Get Those Sprinklers Winterized

Winter weather is not far away. Right now is your when as per getting the ball rolling on the winterization of your irrigation system by a great, local lawn care services company. Buffalo and local area residents should call Advanced Irrigation to get on our schedule.

Why is it so important that a sprinkler system be prepared for winter? Why aren’t you able to merely turn off the water, leaving the system in a dormant state? Surely a sprinkler system can withstand winter!

You may feel free to take that chance. Water will be found at different points throughout the system that will freeze and expand as it metamorphoses into ice. With expansion on these levels, the system itself will be overwhelmed. It is far too much to ask of the lawn irrigation system’s myriad fittings, pipes, valves and other parts that could well be damaged beyond repair, calling for replacement. With this type of damage you will be left footing the bill for a replacement, come the warmer months of the year. Get a lawn services company out to your home that knows how to prep your irrigation system to withstand the annual deep freeze!

The winterization process tends to adhere to the same basic steps in moving from system to system, all being built up of the same relative component parts. The system will be drained using the automatic or manual drain valves to get most of the water out of the piping. Once this portion of the job is complete, compressed air in effect dries out the system, ensuring not a molecule of water is left within to freeze and damage the system. When we use compressed air, we calculate just the right amount to not damage the sprinkler system or any of their more delicate parts.

After the drying, we make sure the main valve is closed, keeping the water from flowing into the system and freezing when the temperatures get below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Any timers in existence will be turned off, preventing the system from starting up at any point during the winter months. All of that and your specific settings will not go away—they will be ready when called upon in the spring.

Fragile as they are to the winter, your irrigation system should have freeze and rain sensor installed within it, if operating without one. Outdoor temperatures and precipitation will be gauged. If you have not had our lawn care services team out to handle your winterization, freezing or breakdown may prevent the irrigation systems from turning on.

If you would like more information on lawn care services in Buffalo and neighboring towns, call Advanced Irrigation at 612-599-8675, or you can contact us to set up your Free Estimate.

Our Service Area is Expanding!

Advanced Irrigation is excited to announce that we are expanding our service area to include more cities and towns northwest of Minneapolis. This new area is in addition to our current service area around the Twin Cities. So if you are a current customer – don’t worry, we aren’t leaving you! We just want to let people know about our expanded service area, so we can help even more people with their irrigation and lawn care needs.

We are ready to start serving customers in the new territory. Here is a list of towns we will now include in our service area:Advanced Irrigation Service Area
• Buffalo
• Maple Lake
• Montrose
• Delano
• Watertown
• St Bonifacius
• Victoria
• Howard Lake
• Waverly
• Cokato
• South Haven
• Annandale
• Highland
• Howard Lake


If you live in or near any of the above towns and need lawn care services, please give us a call! We provide lawn irrigation, lawn maintenance and landscaping services for both residential and commercial clients. We can help your yard look great all year long.

With the seasons changing and fall quickly approaching, now is the time for winterizing your sprinkler system. We can get your system ready for winter by clearing out all the water so it cannot freeze and cause damage to the pipes. This is a very important task to have done before the cold weather sets in. We have the tools and experience to get the job done so you can be sure you’re system will be ready to work again in the spring.

We can also rake leaves and perform other fall lawn maintenance tasks so your home or business property will be in good shape before the first snowfall. Just let us know what you need done. If it’s lawn-related, more than likely, we can help!

If you have any questions about our lawn care services or about the geographic area we cover, please call us at 612-599-8675 or reach out to us with a Service Request.