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Lawn Care Services for Eden Prairie Homes & Businesses

How much care do you give your lawn? Maybe you mow, edge and fertilize. That’s a great start, but there’s so much more to lawn care. Taking proper care of a big lawn requires a large time commitment. Many of you probably don’t have the time to make such a commitment. If you live or work in Eden Prairie, lawn care services are available to help you. In this blog, we’re going to review a few simple lawn care services we offer that will help the health and life of your lawn. Leave it to the experts at Advanced Irrigation to personalize a lawn care plan to benefit your lawn.

Irrigation System

Irrigation systems play a huge role in the care of any lawn. Rain is unpredictable and sometimes scarce. This can lead to lawn damage, especially during the summer months. One of the lawn care services we offer is installing and maintaining irrigation systems. The proper amount of water can go a long way and that can be ensured with the use of an irrigation system.

Weed Control

Weed control is vital to the success of a healthy and beautiful lawn. All your lawn care efforts will be wasted if in the end your lawn is still overrun with weeds. Our expert team can treat and remove all types of weeds encroaching on your space. We can help analyze the type of weeds you have on your property and devise a treatment system to remove any lingering pests.

Lawn Disease

Lawn disease is probably something you don’t hear about too often. It can be hard to diagnose a lawn disease, as it looks like many other common lawn issues. If your lawn is patchy or has a whitish growth on it, it may be suffering from a disease. Our team is trained to spot and treat lawn diseases. With proper care, you probably won’t have to deal with any type of lawn disease.

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Summer Vacation Lawn Care

Yippie skippie! It’s time for vacation! During the summer, we hope you’re taking some time to get out of town and relax. You have a lot of things to remember when you’re on your way out the door. Make sure you packed sunscreen, snacks and an extra pair of socks. But, did you think about your sprinkler system? Though it may not seem like a fun task, it’s really not hard to prepare your lawn for your absence. For those living in the metro areas of Minneapolis, sprinkler systems can keep your lawn healthy, even if you’re on vacation.

One Week or Less

If you’re only escaping for a week, your lawn won’t even know you’re gone. If you have a lawn sprinkler system on a timer, just let it run normally. If you’re going to turn it off while you’re away, deeply water your lawn the day before you leave. Mow your grass on your normal setting that same day and all should be well.

Two or More Weeks

If you’re getting out of town for two weeks or more, first of all, celebrate. Next, there are a couple of steps you’re going to want to follow to prepare your lawn.

  1. Mow before you leave. Set your mower to one notch lower than normal and have at it.
  2. Water your lawn. Deeply water your lawn before you get out of town.
  3. Consider having someone mow the lawn in your absence, or it could get pretty long.
  4. If you have a sprinkler system, it is recommended that you continue to have it run on a timer for the duration of your trip.
  5. When you get back, raise your mower two notches before mowing.

Enjoy yourself and have fun on vacation. Your lawn sprinkler system should be the last of your worries. It will do its job, and you’ll come home to Minneapolis and to a beautifully green lawn.

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Reasons to Hire Lawn Sprinkler Professional

Lawn sprinklers. You’ve got this, right? After all, how hard can it be? As your local to Anoka lawn sprinklers experts, we’re here to tell you that it’s harder than you think!

Do-it-yourself lawn sprinkler systems may seem like a permanent solution for your lawn hydration needs, but often they provide only a temporary fix. From planning out where the sprinklers are going to go to physically setting them up, there’s a lot to think about. And then there’s the necessary maintenance.

Forget all the nonsense and have Advanced Irrigation handle your lawn care needs.

Expert Design

As lawn sprinkler professionals, we take many things into consideration when designing a lawn irrigation system. We can completely tailor a system to your specifications. For those who don’t have a trained eye for landscaping, all grass may look the same. But, for us, there are many variations that would alter the design of the system. We take into consideration:

  • Lawn shape
  • Landscape layout
  • Soil type
  • Soil density
  • Weeds
  • Lawn damage

Water Conversation

Water conversation comes in two forms. One way is using water sparingly and the other is to use it more carefully. According to the EPA, an irrigation system can waste up to 6,300 gallons of water per month. To help prevent this type of waste, a system can be programmed to engage certain times of the day. By decreasing the amount of water being utilized, you effectively reduce water waste. As your local to Anoka lawn sprinklers experts, we can also place the sprinklers at points around your yard that will target your plants and lawn most effectively. By targeting the aspects most in need of hydration, water can be conserved.

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Lawn Sprinklers as Part of Overall Landscape Implementation

Those planning a new landscape design will find there are many things to consider. You want to choose a landscaping project that utilizes your property to the fullest extent. Getting creative and working with an excellent crew is sure to get you a great looking landscape. But, how do you sustain that landscape? It takes some TLC to keep it looking its best! For those living in the Twin Cities, like Minneapolis, Eden Prairie or Minnetonka, lawn sprinklers can help to keep the main focus of your landscape hydrated.

Design Plan

First, you’ll want to decide what type of landscape look you’re going for. If you want to create an outdoor living space, the work involved is different than what is necessary to spruce up an embankment. Once you’ve decided how you want to use the space, you can contact Advanced Irrigation as your local landscaping team. We can help you design and implement the landscape of your dreams. We can install unique lighting options to highlight main features of your new landscape.

Lawn Sprinklers

A major part of your landscape is your lawn. It may not seem like the belle of the ball next to your brand new landscaping project, but it is one of the first the people will notice. They will drink in the whole scenery at once. Having a healthy lawn as part of your landscaping plan is crucial. As nearby Minnetonka lawn sprinkler experts, we can attest to the many benefits of lawn sprinklers. Not only will they keep your lawn green all through the growing seasons, but also give your landscape that well put together, professional look.

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Lawn Care Tips: Preventing Brown Spots

Lawn Care Minnetonka MN

Anyone with a lawn knows how unsightly brown spots can be. Advanced Irrigation gets many calls from clients who wish to get rid of these unattractive blemishes, as brown spots attract the wrong kinds of attention from those who walk by lawns with them on it. No matter where you live in the Twin Cities, whether it’s Minneapolis, St Paul or Minnetonka, lawn care can help to eliminate brown spots from your lawn.

What causes brown spots?

Brown spots can be the result of any of the following:

  • Pet urine/waste
  • Dull mower blades
  • Brown patch fungus
  • Grubs
  • Stress
  • Diseases

How can I get rid of brown spots on my lawn?

If you’re noticing small spots appearing in unexpected places, and you have a pet, it’s most likely the result of pet urine and waste. Dog waste can especially impact your lawn, as dog urine contains concentrated nitrogen, which can have detrimental impacts on a lawn. In order to get rid of these spots, create an area in your yard with mulch, pea gravel, etc. that your dog can use.

Brown spots that appear after mowing are often the result of dull lawnmower blades, which shred grass and damage the ends. The ends are left damaged, and cause the grass to die and turn brown. Sharpen your mower blades and see if the problem continues.

Are the spots only appearing in hot, wet weather? Then your lawn might be suffering from brown patch fungus. If this is the case, then give us a call at 612-599-8675 so we can treat your lawn on a regular basis, and help bring your lawn back to full health.

For those with broad brown spots, you may have overfed your lawn. We can help to alleviate the problem, so just give us a call or request a free estimate.

Not sure what’s causing brown spots on your lawn? Call us now at 612-599-8675.