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Beat the Heat: Tips for Keeping Your Lawn Green this Summer

Summer is nearly here, and it’s the time of year when most people start thinking about their lawn and getting it ready for the warm months. One of the best ways to get it summer-ready is by using irrigation systems. Maple Grove residents often come to companies like Advanced Irrigation when they need these systems installed and/or maintained. So we’d like to offer some tips on how to keep your lawn looking great and healthy all year round, especially in the summer when lawns tend to get dry and brown.

Fertilizing and mowing regularly can help keep your lawn looking great no matter what the weather, but the most important thing you can do for your lawn is to use irrigation systems. Being sure you get the water deep in the soil will help keep it looking nice and green. Irrigation systems can help ensure the water is reaching the grass’ roots. The rule of thumb is to water deeply but infrequently: this will encourage the roots to grow deep into the soil. If you water too frequently, the grass will grow shorter roots and the grass will dry out during dry spells and droughts. It is also recommended that you use your irrigation systems during the morning so less of the water evaporates in the heat and more goes into the ground.

If you come to us for irrigation systems, we can put one in place that will water your grass properly and keep it looking pretty and green throughout the entire summer. Irrigation systems can make maintaining your lawn a lot easier since they take care of watering the grass. So you’ll have a great-looking lawn with little effort on your part!

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3 Spring Lawn Care Tips

It is truly and officially spring! It’s time to be making your spring checklist. While you probably already have a million things on your spring cleaning list, have you started thinking about all the things that need done outdoors? There’s a lot that goes into lawn care, but Minnetonka residents can call Advanced Irrigation to help out with all their needs. We’ll help you out by getting you started with 3 spring lawn care tips.

Clean Your Lawn

The first thing you need to do is clean your yard. This is something you can pretty much do at any time, now. Hopefully we’re done with the snow, so you can get out there again. You’ll want to rake up any debris leftover from the fall and winter. Also, take the time to prune plants and do any weeding that needs done. By taking the time to clean up a little, you’ll start off with a good foundation for the spring and summer.

Planting Grass

Do you need to plant grass? You may find some brown or bald spots when you clean up your yard. Spring is a great time of year to get some grass seed down. You may want to look into having Advanced Irrigation conduct a soil test to see if there’s anything preventing the grass from growing in a particular place. After that, choose a seed that works well for our climate and get planting! Make sure you water it often.

Fertilize the Lawn

Whether you’ve just planted new grass or not, fertilizing gives your lawn extra food and nutrients to help it grow healthy all spring long. We’ll help you with lawn care by recommending a fertilization program that best suits your property. If you start in the spring, there are fertilization programs that run all the way through the fall in 4 or 5 installments. Get ahead and have a green, lush lawn throughout the entire growing season.

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Tis the Season for Lawn Sprinklers

It’s the most wonderful time of the year if you’re a warm weather lover! The robins are back, the sun is shining and soon enough, everyone will be out in their shorts and flip-flops. We here at Advanced Irrigation figure that most Elk River and surrounding Twin Cities residents are ready for the spring, but is your lawn ready too? Here are a few things to look for when picking out new lawn sprinklers in Elk River.

There are basically three types of lawn sprinklers: oscillating, pulsating and stationary.


Oscillating lawn sprinklers are great because they operate well at high and low water pressure, and they are good for rectangular lawns. (And it seems like most lawns these days are rectangular.)


Pulsating lawn sprinklers are great for irregular-shaped lawns and lawns that are larger in size.


Stationary lawn sprinklers are great because they aren’t that expensive and they are good for smaller lawns. These are the “classic” lawn sprinklers. (Remember running through the sprinkler when you were a kid? That’s the kind we’re talking about.)

If all of this is too confusing or you’re still not sure what kind of lawn sprinklers are best for your lawn, never fear! That’s why Advanced Irrigation is here! We can come to your Elk Lake home and install lawn sprinklers that will work best for your yard and landscaping, so you don’t have to worry that you’re getting the wrong kind of sprinklers for your yard. We can install the lawn sprinklers in your yard. We will stick to just one type, or we will use a combination of lawn sprinklers. We can even use drip heads in your flower beds to ensure the roots of your plants and flowers are getting all the water they need to grow.

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New Video: Spring Irrigation System Start-Ups

We are excited to share with you our new video about spring irritation system start-ups. At Advanced Irrigation, we can’t wait to get our hands dirty again! While we do love the pretty snow, spring and summer are when we really have a chance to shine. This video highlights the process of a spring start-up. It’s important to have a professional complete this procedure, so you know it’s done right and working efficiently throughout the entire growing season. Take some time to watch it; you never know what you might learn!

Spring Start-Ups

Though it may not seem like it, spring officially starts this month. While that doesn’t necessarily mean that temperatures will skyrocket, warmer weather is on its way. It’s time to start thinking about spring, irrigation and growth. Whatever you’re up to this time of year, a spring start-up will help you get things rolling. With the help of an irrigation system professional, you’ll be able to start planting as soon as weather permits. We encourage you to get on the schedule as soon as possible, as slots fill up quickly.

Spring Landscaping Services

Looking to do some landscaping upgrades this year? We can help with that too. We can assist you with design, installation and care of an exquisite landscape. Spring is the time for new life and maybe a new landscape. Don’t put it off until later in the summer. Jump on the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with one of our landscape designers. Nothing looks quite like a professionally designed landscape. Set yourself apart from the neighbors this year with a expertly maintained landscape.

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How to Choose the Best Brooklyn Park Lawn Care Company

It’s the start of a new year, and soon enough, we will all be thinking spring! It’s cold outside right now, but warmer days are just around the corner. Sit back and picture springtime in Brooklyn Park. The birds are singing, the trees are budding, the grass is growing and you’re outside in your yard, enjoying the warm breeze. But wait! Is the landscaping that surrounds you and your Brooklyn Park home looking its best? No? Then it’s time to consider hiring a lawn care company. Advanced Irrigation has some tips on how to hire the best Brooklyn Park lawn care company.

The first thing you want to do when considering a lawn care company is to think of the services you will need. Do you need a full yard clean-up? Do you just want to plant a few trees and shrubs? Will you need a lawn care company to come out to your Brooklyn Park home on a weekly basis to maintain your landscaping? Once you get an idea of what you want, you can then look over your budget and decide how much you can spend on these services.

When you start to call Brooklyn Park lawn care companies, make sure you get some references and check up on those references. Advanced Irrigation has a testimonials page, so you can read what our happy and satisfied Brooklyn Park customers have to say about our lawn care services and how we treat our customers.

After that, narrow down your choices even more by getting estimates. You can get a free estimate from us online, or we can come to your Brooklyn Park home and provide an estimate that way.

So when you are ready to hire a lawn care company for your Brooklyn Park home, make it nice and easy on yourself by calling Advanced Irrigation at (612) 599-8675 or contact us online!